In this latest installment of our series, we sit down with Eli Bressert. Eli is responsible for making the Chandra images for the public that appear in press releases, on the website, in posters, etc. While we won't get into the technical details of how that gets done in this video blog, we did want to point out that this an important -- if lesser known -- job in the world of space science. Sadly for us, Eli is going to be heading off to graduate school in the fall, but we're happy the field of astrophysics gets to keep him in the long run.

-Megan Watzke, CXC

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Great Pleasure

It should be a great pleasure to work on such an important and exciting job. I really would like to do the same. It's sad that you have to leave Eli. I wish you success in your future studies.

Congratulations to Eli Bressert

Congratulations Eli with your Chandra Public Relations success. Your work sounds very interesting. Good luck studying astrophysics at Grad School.

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