crab nebula

Crab Nebula: A supernova remnant and pulsar located 6000 light years from Earth in the constellation of Taurus. More at


great picture

This crab nebula picture is my favorite one of all nebulas I've seen, I wanted to ask you if I could please use this picture as a background picture (with your name on it) for a fan page on facebook. I wait for your response,
thanks a lot

Fingers, Loops and Bays in the Crab Nebula

Jon Hanford What a great image of the Crab Nebula SNR showing both detail around and near the central pulsar and the fainter, less obvious XR emissions further from the pulsar source. Similar images of, say, M 87 and Cen A would also be appreciated by the general public and the astrophysics community. Great job, kudos to all involved!

M87 & Cen A

Thanks Jon! We have M87 in various incarnations at:

And Cen A as well:

Kim Arcand, CXC

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