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NASA Television Selects Top 10 Stories In 1999

January 6, 2000 ::
NASA TV provides real-time coverage of NASA missions and activities. It also functions as a resource to the media, and delivers educational programming to teachers, students and the general public. Here are NASA TV's Top 10 Stories in 1999.
  1. First Female Shuttle Commander Eileen Collins
    Commander Eileen Collins
    Commander Eileen Collins
    Announcement of Selection as Commander at White House (first aired 7/14/99) Shuttle suit-up and liftoff (first aired July 1999) On orbit and releasing Chandra (first aired July 1999) Commander Collins with Family - JSC (first aired 7/15/99)
  2. Chandra X-Ray Telescope Takes Its First Picture
  3. Chandra X-Ray Telescope Launches
    First Light: Cassiopeia A
    KSC (first aired 1/14/99) Chandra First Light first image (first aired 8/26/99)
  4. First Gamma Ray Burst Captred STSCI
    Gamma Ray images and animation of event (first aired 1/23/99)

  5. First Docking of the Shuttle with the ISS
    STS-96 Mission Highlights (first aired 5/4/99)

  6. Mars Global Surveyor Explores the Red Planet
    MGS Deploys Antenna, great pics - JPL (first aired 3/29/99, 8/10/99) MGS Sees "Heart" on Mars - JPL (first aired 6/25/99) Magnetic Stripes Discovered on Mars - JPL (first aired 4/29/99) MOLA First 3-D view of Mars - JPL (first aired 5/27/99, 12/1/99)

  7. NASA Launches 3 Major Earth Observing Spacecraft Including the EOS Flagship Terra. Terra launch and b-roll (first aired 12/20/99)

  8. NASA Scientist Study Climate and Its Effects
    La Nina and mapping its effects - GSFC (first aired 9/10/99) El Nino/La Nina TOPEX update - JPL (first aired 12/8/99) Iceberg Watch - JPL (first aired 9/3/99)

  9. First X-34 Captive Carry
    X-34 Captive carry - DFRC (first aired 6/29/99) X-34 Animation - DFRC/body MSFC/engine (first aired 8/24/99)

  10. Making Air Travel Safer for Americans
    Future Flight Central - ARC (first aired 12/10/99) Airborne Information for Lateral Spacing - LARC (first aired 11/8/99)

  11. New Microrobot May Assist Crew in Space
    Personal Satellite Assistant - ARC (first aired 9/8/99)

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