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CCD Camera Check Continues

July 29, 1999 ::

Schematic Diagram of Chandra
Labelled Diagram of Chandra
Sketch: CXC/NGST
One of the primary scientific instruments that the Chandra Observatory will use to make X-ray images, continues to check out well. The Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer, (ACIS) is an array of charged coupled devices (CCD's) similar to those used in a camcorder.

"ACIS ...was turned check its calibrations and to verify that it survived the launch," reported Gordon Garmire, of Penn State University on July 27. Garmire is the principal investigator for ACIS.

View of ACIS as seen by HRMA
View of ACIS as seen by HRMA
Paul Plucinsky of the Chandra Science Operations Team exulted, "We had a GREAT night. We turned on the CCDs for the first time and all is well!!!!!!"

ACIS will be an especially useful instrument because it can simultaneously make X-ray images and measure the energies of incoming x rays. It will be the instrument of choice for studying temperature variations across X-ray sources, such as the remnants of exploded stars.

Further checks of the CCD camera will continue in preparation for opening the ACIS door sometime next week.

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