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STOP For Science Webinar

"STOP for Science" is a building-wide enrichment program consisting of a series of posters designed to pique student interest in science concepts and their application to the world in which we live. For each poster there is a series of question sheets that students can answer. Although the focus is building-wide and can be applied not only in schools but in libraries, science centers and other public spaces, content can be linked to classrooms through use of the provided facilitator resource guides.

In an effort to further expand support for the STOP program, we have recorded a set of videos of astrophysicist and STOP creator Pat Slane presenting the materials to a group of educators at a 2011 National Science Teachers Association meeting. These videos can help your facilitation of the STOP program. The current set of videos includes an overview of the content, resources, and suggestions on incorporating activities.

Individual Movies/Chapters

STOP For Science Webinar 1 STOP For Science Webinar Part 1
Runtime: 3:27
STOP For Science Webinar 2 STOP For Science Webinar Part 2
Runtime: 4:25
STOP For Science Webinar 3 STOP For Science Webinar Part 3
Runtime: 3:21
STOP For Science Webinar 4 STOP For Science Webinar Part 4
Runtime: 4:38
STOP For Science Webinar 5 STOP For Science Webinar Part 5
Runtime: 4:11
STOP For Science Webinar 6 STOP For Science Webinar Part 6
Runtime: 4:10
STOP For Science Webinar 7 STOP For Science Webinar Part 7
Runtime: 4:11
STOP For Science Webinar 8 STOP For Science Webinar Part 8
Runtime: 4:33
STOP For Science Webinar 9 STOP For Science Webinar Part 9
Runtime: 5:38

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Visitor Comments (2)

Dear Nicholas,

The materials were developed for grades K-6, though we have had other folks implement it for general family use outside of school time (e.g., in libraries), and also for middle school use with some adaptation to the activities included. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

-Kim Arcand, Chandra outreach

Posted by Kim Arcand on Thursday, 03.15.12 @ 11:25am

Gentleman: What grade levels is this material good for? I wish to submit this info to the Science department
in the School District that my oldest daughter is a teacher. However my interest has never ended. Waiting for your response!
Nicholas Buccina

Posted by Nicholas Buccina on Saturday, 02.25.12 @ 09:44am

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