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Banking X-ray Data for the Future
Banking X-ray Data for the Future
Chandra X-ray Observatory has collected data for over sixteen years on thousands of different objects throughout the Universe. (2015-10-09)
Audio Podcasts: "Touch the Invisible Sky"



Imagine that you could only hear sound from the middle three keys on a piano and were asked to name a song, or were only allowed to touch one petal of a plant, and were asked to name the flower. The universe revealed to us by optical telescopes is immense and breathtaking, but it is not even half the story. Being able to study a star, nebula or galaxy across the electromagnetic spectrum gives us the big picture, providing the clues to unravel the greatest mysteries of them all: how was the universe born? How does it change and evolve? How do we, as complex life forms that can wonder and speculate about the cosmos, fit in? It is a detective story as big as the universe and as old as time, and there's so much more to find out.

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