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Top Rated Images

Thank You For Voting: Visitors to the Chandra web site can vote on their favorite images. This top rated Chandra images page will change over time. We use the ratings to create print products, and additionally, use the information as a layer of feedback.

The gold stars show the average visitor rating for the Chandra images. To add your own rating, move your cursor over the stars to highlight them, and click to show your rating. One star highlighted is the lowest rating, all five is the highest. Once you have rated an item, your rating is added to the average.

Vote on more Chandra images in the photo album.

Galactic Center
Rating: 4.58/5
(24 votes cast)

Perseus Cluster
Rating: 4.16/5
(550 votes cast)

WHIM H1821+643
Rating: 4.13/5
(63 votes cast)

NGC 3079 Superbubbles
Rating: 4.03/5
(38 votes cast)

Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741
Rating: 4.02/5
(245 votes cast)

Abell 2597
Rating: 4.02/5
(98 votes cast)

Perseus Cluster
Rating: 3.96/5
(980 votes cast)

Cygnus A
Rating: 3.96/5
(95 votes cast)

1E 0102.2-7219
Rating: 3.94/5
(243 votes cast)

Quasar Survey
Rating: 3.94/5
(70 votes cast)

Crab Nebula
Rating: 3.93/5
(410 votes cast)

Rating: 3.93/5
(239 votes cast)

Image Gallery
Rating: 3.92/5
(87 votes cast)

Rating: 3.91/5
(3353 votes cast)

Mrk 1216
Rating: 3.91/5
(233 votes cast)

Rating: 3.90/5
(183 votes cast)

Kilonova Event
Rating: 3.90/5
(126 votes cast)

PSR B1509-58
Rating: 3.89/5
(3298 votes cast)

ULX in M51
Rating: 3.89/5
(413 votes cast)

Abell 2142
Rating: 3.89/5
(168 votes cast)

Rating: 3.88/5
(191 votes cast)

Rating: 3.88/5
(65 votes cast)

SDSS J1430+1339
Rating: 3.88/5
(16 votes cast)

Cassiopeia A
Rating: 3.87/5
(533 votes cast)

Sagittarius A* Black Hole Swarm
Rating: 3.87/5
(230 votes cast)