Chandra X-ray Observatory

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Crossword Puzzle #1 (general content)

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3. X-radiation was discovered by Wilhelm ____________.
4. Explosive event occurring in or near an active region on the Sun.
6. Branch of science that studies the universe above Earth's atmosphere.
9. A grouping of stars into a recognizable pattern in the night sky.
11. The attractive effect that a massive object has on other massive objects.

1. Center for Astrophysics (Harvard Smithsonian).
2. A measure of the total amount of matter contained within an object.
3. The tendency of a wave to bend passing from 1 transparent medium to another.
5. The study of the origin and evolution of the universe as a whole.
7. The totality of all matter, radiation and space.
8. An elementary particle with a negative electric charge.
9. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar's nickname
10._____________ temperatures produce x-rays.

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