Chandra X-ray Observatory

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Crossword Puzzle #2 (general content)

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3. The Earth's atmosphere doesn't reflect x-rays, it __________ them.
4. Generic name for 1 of 9 major bodies that orbit the Sun.
6. Spinning motion of a body about an axis.
7. Xrays are another form of ____________.
8. A unit of angular measure. There are 360 in a complete circle.
10. A glowing ball of gas such as our Sun.
11. STS-93 was the first NASA shuttle mission commanded by a ________.
12. Matter made up of one particular atom (examples: Silver, Neon, Iridium).


1. Chandra satellite was launched in 1999 via Space Shuttle ________.
2. The Sun is a star in the Milky Way _________.
3. A layer of gas confined close to a planet's surface by the force of gravity.
4. An elementary particle, carrying a positive electric charge.
5. Distance that light, at a constant speed of 300,000km/s, travels in 1 year (2 words).
8. A white _______ star has a radius comparable to, or smaller than that of the Sun.
9. Chandra flies more than 1/3 of the way to the ________!

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