Like the jelly beans in this jar, the Universe is mostly dark: 96 percent consists of dark energy (about 70%) and dark matter (about 26%). Only about four percent (the same proportion as the lightly colored jelly beans) of the Universe - including the stars, planets and us -is made of familiar atomic matter. Read about the make up of the Universe

Do We Live in a Jelly Bean Universe?
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"96 percent consists of dark

"96 percent consists of dark energy" that is scary

Jess Hess

The real physics begins here!

I am not a Physicist by education, but have read a lot of books on classical and quantum mechanics while in graduate school. After reading about dark matter, I can confidently say that I don't know anything in Physics.


I believe that the universe is still unexplored by 99%, besides, I think you'll ever know what the size of the entire universe.

It is a bit scary knowing

It is a bit scary knowing that we are only part of the 4percent. I know that the universe is probably an infinite space, only determined by time. And knowing that a very very huge part of it is made up of dark energy, creeps me out. Also it makes me wonder, if we, human beings, belongs to the 4percent, is there any possibility that there also other creatures out there that live in the dark side? Really creepy!

Robert G.

Soooo insignificant

I have a strange feeling that we, as a human race are so insignificant. Just 4% of the universe is matter?! WOW!

The site is nice and

The site is nice and informative. You have done great job. Thanks.

This is a very unique topic.

This is a very unique topic. I wonder if we really do live in that kind of world.


I was very pleased to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

Dark energy

It is amazing how little we are in the entirety of the universe... however, is it possible that one day, the atomic matter (e.g. planets) will be consumed by the dark energy?

Mike Jones

Wondering Some

Your jelly bean-analogy make the universe simple. But I just wonder some:
1. How big the universe is? if you say the number (96% & 4%), you need to know how big the universe is to make comparison.
2. What is the dark energy for? 96% seems very big compare to 4%. Do scientist know this?


Very Useful information ,

This is good reading to learn some new stuff. Thanks for sharing your information.

Jelly Bean Universe?

This is a very cool idea to explain the Universe! I love it an will tell it my children :-)

This site is truly a great

This site is truly a great resource thanks for all your hard work.

This is a simple but

This is a simple but effective way of explaining the nature of our universe. It's amazing to think how immense our universe and how very little we are compared to it.


Facisnating to think about. Great share.


Maybe I'm naive, but the current logic of the universe seems somewhat inverted. The idea that space is expanding seems more a matter of perspective, than reality. Empty space is a dimensionless substrate which houses energy, and space void of all energy possesses no definable properties of dimension itself. As I see it, empty space is infinite, and incapable of expansion. Energy is dynamic and ever changing, and also how we define or experience the universe. If we see the universe as expanding, then it seems more reasonable to consider that we are merely contracting, which makes our perspective of space as expanding. It's an opposite and equal reaction to our perspective in the universe. If there is a uniform loss of energy in all mass/energy states, detection of this condition would be very difficult from close proximities, as everything we use to detect change is made of the same substance and the loss is acting uniformly. Over longer increments of time and distance though, energy loss would become easier to detect. Dark energy would be a somewhat meaningless concept, as expansion and acceleration would be a result of energy loss, not an increasingly powerful invisible repulsive energy state over time.

Just a thought...

You make some great comments

You make some great comments there, they really got me thinking!
One thing that I find interesting is that some science is coming out now that is showing that the speed of light is not actually contact and is in fact slowing down.

If this is the case then the physics books will need to be rewritten and it also means that Universe may not be as old as people claim it be!

Just my thoughts too


Paula C

Nice Information

This is really a great and encouraging news for Universe. Very interesting.

Good example to understand

Good example to understand about our universe but i have one question what is mean by dark energy you talking about in this article can you please explain?


I found your blog very interesting to read.

nice way to explain

This is a great picture to show what the universe looks like. Very interesting!

Jelly Bean Universe

Nice example, very interesting, but I think since the universe is expanding, what with the part that the universe expands to? Does the 'four' percent is decreased when the universe expanded? It's hard to me to understand an analogy on the infinite with the finite (the Jelly Bean). The answer is still out there...


Sobering Thought

This is a very sobering thought and makes me realize just how small our world really is. Its hard to wrap your mind around this thought.

John Acai Campbell


I understand about our universe, but I have one question, what is the dark energy that you are talking about in this article? Can you please explain?

Jelly Bean Universe

By inference, we can only claim to have (at most) a 4% understanding of the nature and composition of our own universe. Staggering thought!

John McDermott


Good example to understand about our universe but i have one question what is mean by dark energy you talking about in this article can you please explain.

Dark energy is a mysterious

Dark energy is a mysterious source of energy introduced to explain the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe. One possible explanation is that it is the energy present in empty space - "vacuum energy" - which has the properties of a repulsive force.

It´s quite frightening but

It´s quite frightening but fascinating at the same time.

Great explanation

I showed this to my 12 years old son and he seems to begin understending the universe nature

Dark Matter

Could you try to explain in "human words" what Dark matter is?

Kind Regards

RE: Dark Matter

For more information on dark matter, see this entry:

-Chandra pub team

I must say this blog post

I must say this blog post covers a really interesting topic...
Very informative, it made us readers aware about it...
In my part this is actually my first time reading about it...

Very interesting

This is my first time reading this post as well, but man that's some really interesting stuff right there good thing people like you think about these stuff quite often! :))

Francis O

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