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More Images of Jupiter
X-ray/UV/Optical Composite
This composite image displays X-ray data from Chandra (magenta) and ultraviolet data Hubble Space Telescope (blue) overlaid on an optical image of Jupiter. While Chandra observed Jupiter for an entire 10-hour rotation period on December 18, 2000, this image shows a 'snapshot' of a single 45-minute X-ray pulse.
(Credit: X-ray: NASA/SWRI/R.Gladstone et al., UV: NASA/HST/J.Clarke et al., Optical: NASA/HST/R.Beebe et al.)

X-ray/UV/Optical Composite With Pull-Out Box
This version of the composite highlights the features observed by Chandra and Hubble in Jupiter's northern pole.
(Credit: X-ray: NASA/SWRI/R.Gladstone et al., UV: NASA/HST/J.Clarke et al., Optical: NASA/HST/R.Beebe et al.)
Animation of Chandra Data
This animation shows the X-ray data over the 10-hour rotation period, which Chandra observed. The brightness of the X-rays is shown in units of rayleighs.
(Credit: NASA/SWRI/G.R.Gladstone et al.)

Chandra image of Jupiter in Alternate Color Scheme
This Chandra image shows X-ray intensity in the units of rayleighs. The observation lasted 10 hours, which was obtained on December 18, 2000, and each X-ray photon has been smeared by double the 0.4 arcsecond full-width half-maximum point-spread-function of the High Resolution Camera.
(Credit: NASA/SWRI/G.R.Gladstone et al.)

ROSAT Soft X-ray HRI Image Of Jupiter
This image of Jupiter was taken by ROSAT during the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in July, 1994.
(Credit: SWRI/H.Waite, R.Gladstone)

Chandra X-ray Image with Scale Bar
Scale bar = 20 arcsec
Credit: NASA/CXC/SWRI/G.R.Gladstone et al.

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