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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 16 February 2018 9.00am EST

During the last week Chandra completed the observing schedule as planned.

There was a press release issued on Feb 15 describing observations of black holes in Chandra survey fields. Using data from Chandra, HST and other observatories, two groups have studied the growth rate of black holes in galaxies. The growth of the biggest black holes in the Universe is outrunning the rate of formation of stars in the galaxies they inhabit. For details see:

The schedule of targets for the next week is shown below and includes observations of CXO J164710.2-455216 which are follow-up to a Target of Opportunity which was accepted on May 16 and is coordinated with NuStar, and an observation MAXI J1621-501 which was accepted as a Target of Opportunity on Jan 30 and is coordinated with NICER.

        Radiation Belts
        HESSJ0632+057          ACIS-I
        IGRJ12529-6351         ACIS-I       Feb 20
        PSOJ1110-1329          ACIS-S
        VHSJ2235-5750          ACIS-S
        HESSJ0632+057          ACIS-I       Feb 21
        MKN421                 ACIS-S/LETG
        Radiation Belts                     Feb 22
        SDSSJ1156+1911         ACIS-I
        NGC6482                ACIS-S
        MAXIJ1621-501          HRC-I
        NGC6482                ACIS-S
        SDSS530                ACIS-I       Feb 23
        SDSSJ0952+3434         ACIS-I
        NGC6482                ACIS-S
        SDSSJ0952+3434         ACIS-I
        PTF11qcj               ACIS-S
        Radiation Belts                     Feb 24
        CXOJ164710.2-455216    ACIS-S
        3FGLJ1958.6+3844       ACIS-S       Feb 25
        MKN421                 ACIS-S/LETG
        IGRJ19498+2534         ACIS-S
        CXOJ164710.2-455216    ACIS-S
        IGRJ20063+3641         ACIS-S
        MKN421                 ACIS-S/LETG
        PTF11qcj               ACIS-S       Feb 26


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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