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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 7 December 2018 9.00am EST

During the last week Chandra completed the observing schedule as planned.

A real-time procedure was executed on Dec 5 to perform a routine self-check of the Electrical Interface Assembly (EIA) Sequencer.

A Chandra photo release was issued on Dec 4 describing observations of a bright X-ray outburst from binary system containing a white dwarf called ASASSN-16oh. The authors conclude the X-rays are the result of accretion, not nuclear fusion. For details see:

The schedule of targets for next week is shown below and includes observations of 46P/Wirtanen, which are coordinated with HST, and an observation of an OMC Disk Sample, which was accepted as a Director's Discretionary Time Target of Opportunity on Sep 7.

        NGC2169                ACIS-I       Dec 10
        RXJ1131-1231           ACIS-S
        JWST-DTDF-3            ACIS-I
        SDSSJ163014.63+2612    ACIS-S       Dec 11
        IC5063                 ACIS-S
        OMCDiskSample          ACIS-S
        Radiation Belts                     Dec 12
        IC5063                 ACIS-S
        46P/Wirtanen (12 obs)  ACIS-S       Dec 13
        IC5063                 ACIS-S
        JWST-DTDF-3            ACIS-I
        SN2013dk               ACIS-S       Dec 14
        NGC2169                ACIS-I
        Radiation Belts                     Dec 15
        IC5063                 ACIS-S
        J03064+1853            ACIS-S
        Abell2146              ACIS-I
        UGC11583               ACIS-S       Dec 16
        IC5063                 ACIS-S


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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