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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 10 February 2006 7.30am EST

During the last week Chandra completed the observing schedule as planned.

A real-time procedure was executed on 9 February to perform a routine self-check of the Electrical Interface Assembly (EIA) Sequencer.

A Chandra press release was issued in Feb 3 describing the detection of a hot gas halo around the spiral galaxy NGC 5746. The discovery provides evidence that galaxies like our Milky Way are still accumulating matter from the gradual inflow of intergalactic gas. For details see:

The schedule of targets for next week is shown below and includes observations of SS 433 coordinated with the VLA and M87 coordinated with HST.

XTE J1817-330           ACIS-S/HETG  Feb 12
BD +303639              ACIS-S/LETG  Feb 13
Radiation Belts                      Feb 14
SNR 0540-69.3           ACIS-S       Feb 15
Abell754-P8             ACIS-I
RXC J1206.6+2811        ACIS-S
NGC 4509                ACIS-S       Feb 16
HE 1104-1805            ACIS-S
SNR 0540-69.3           ACIS-S
SDSSJ0856+3713          ACIS-S
Radiation Belts                      Feb 17
SNR 0540-69.3           ACIS-S
SDSS J0844+0503         ACIS-S       Feb 18
NGC 4096                ACIS-S
SN 1979C                ACIS-S
G21.6-0.0               ACIS-S
SN 2005ke               ACIS-S       Feb 19
MACSJ0159.0-3412        ACIS-I
SS 433                  HRC-I
M87                     ACIS-S


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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