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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 22 June 2007 9.00am EDT

During the last week Chandra completed the observing schedule as planned.

A real-time procedure was completed on Jun 15 to update the on-board Ephemeris.

A real-time procedure was performed on Jun 22 to execute SCS 29 in preparation for the first eclipse of the 2007 summer season. This eclipse season consists of 8 eclipses between Jun 24 and Jul 12 and ranging from 25 to 68 minutes in duration.

Of note during the last week was the Cycle 9 Peer Review held in Boston, Jun 19-22. The results from the review are expected to be released on Jul 13.

A Chandra image release was issued on May 20 of the bright and unstable star Eta Carinae. The composite X-ray and optical image shows shows the X-ray emission produced as material thrown off Eta Carinae rams into nearby gas and dust, heating gas to temperatures in excess of a million degrees. For further details see:

The schedule of targets for the next week is shown below and includes an observation of VB10 coordinated with the VLA and ground NOAO ground-based telescopes.

Radiation Belts                     Jun 24
RXJ1539.5-8335         ACIS-I
IRAS F14378-3651       ACIS-S
3C273                  ACIS-S/HETG  Jun 25
M87                    ACIS-S
Zwicky 2701            ACIS-I
NGC1023                ACIS-S
AX J190814+0832        ACIS-S       Jun 26
HD 199143              ACIS-S/HETG
Radiation Belts
LHA 120-N 11           ACIS-I       Jun 27
WFI2026-4536           ACIS-S       Jun 28
HD 199143              ACIS-S/HETG
APMUKS 212229-0859     ACIS-S       Jun 29
Radiation Belts
GRB 060729             ACIS-S       Jun 30
XTE J1650-500          ACIS-S
VB10                   ACIS-S       Jul 1 
IRAS 21101+5810        ACIS-S
SDSS J170246.09+60     ACIS-S
Abell 2255             ACIS-I


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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