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Operations CXO Status Report

Sunday 31 July 1999 7.00am EST

The Chandra mission continues to proceed nominally.

The following is an overview of the events that occurred over the last 24 hours:

ACIS Performed Internal Calibrations Source measurements which agreed with measurements taken before launch.

A test of the Electrical Interface Assembly (EIA) sequencer was successfully performed. The EIA sequencer controls the initial safemode hardware reconfiguration.

The initial process of loading the Interface Unit A (IU A) EE Prom with the On-orbit (OO) software writing over the Launch Load (LL) software was begun. The LL software contains functions that are needed only for the deployment and transfer orbit activities. The on-orbit software load is designed to support long term on-orbit operations. The on-orbit software will be loaded into the IU and verified. The software will then be loaded into the onboard computer (OBC) after arriving at the operational orbit. Note this is commonly referred to as the LL to OO load. This process takes several days to complete and serially loads the A side and then the B side IU and OBC.

Activities planned for the next 24 hours includes:

IPS Burn #3 is scheduled for 6:30pm EDT July 31. This is a 1273-second perigee burn to raise apogee to the nominal 140,000kms while leaving perigee at the current 3460 km. Continue ACIS calibration. Continue LL to OO Load of IU-A. Future Significant Activities

IPS Burn #4 is scheduled for Monday, August 2 at 12:35 EDT. This is a 683-second apogee burn to raise perigee to nominally 9546 km. Depending on the results of the IPS Burn # 4, an IPS Burn # 5 may, or may not be required.

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