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Operations CXO Status Report

Monday 29 November 1999 11.00am EST

Since Thursday, Chandra completed joint observations of Jupiter with the Galileo satellite during its flyby of the planet and moon Io, of HR1099 with HRC-I, passed through the radiation belts, continued with observations of HR1099 with HRC-I, A426 with ACIS-S, Cass-A with HRC-S and 2REJ1032+532 with HRC-I.

Real time commanding was completed as scheduled to load and then unload an ACIS engineering software patch designed to mitigate the FEP-0 problem (if it were to occur), and to perform an HRC test to change one of the operating values of the processing electronics to check an image quality optimization. Additional commanding was required to enable the HRC after monitoring indicated it was not enabled during an observation. The cause of has been traced to an omission in running a real-time procedure following the triggering of the radiation monitor process during the radiation passage on Nov 16. A review of the relevant processes is underway to identify the steps needed to guard against this in the future.

During the next 48 hours, Chandra will observe the GTO target PSR B0656+15 with HRC-S/LETG, X0614+091 with HRC-S/LETG and a HRC-S/LETG calibration source. The observatory will pass through the radiation belts with associated ACIS CTI measurements before continuing with an HRC-S calibration observation, observations of NGC 526A, RX J0019.8+2156 with HRC-S and a series of observations of M31 with HRC-S.

The spacecraft subsystems continued to operate nominally.

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