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Operations CXO Status Report

Monday 20 December 1999 7.30pm EST

Over the weekend, Chandra completed a long observation of Lambda And and observed the gamma-ray burst Target Of Opportunity with ACIS-S/HETG starting at 11:58pm 12/17. The observatory passed through the radiation belts with the associated ACIS CTI measurements and performed observations of Cas A with HRC-I, Cyg X-3 with ACIS-S/HETG, and NGC 404, A1795, A2841, NGC 4494, NGC 4725, and NGC 4594 with ACIS-S.

A sequence of real-time activities were conducted as planned on Monday 12/20 between 11:30am EST and 5pm [7.30pm; rjb] EST. A software patch to implement continuous dither was uplinked/tested and backed-out, and a test was started to operate the ACIS focal plane at -125 deg C for a 7 hour period and clock the CCD's. All real-time activities were completed sucessfully. SCS 107 (SI Safing) was triggered during the continuous dither test bright star hold test and executed nominally. This SCS should have been disabled during the test and a check is underway to identify why this was not seen during ASVT testing. Analysis will be completed of the continuous dither test data before final uplink in the new year. The ACIS focal plan will be commanded to return to -110 deg C at 1am EST 12/21.

During the next 48 hours Chandra will pass through the radiation belts with associated ACIS CTI measurements and continue with observations of Cen A, RX J0822-4300 and a long observation of PSR J0218+4232 with HRC-I.

The spacecraft systems continued to operate nominally.

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