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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 24 December 1999 10.00am EST

During the last 48 hours Chandra completed an observation of PSR J0822-4300 with HRC-I, observed the center of M-31 with HRC-I, A521 with ACIS-I and passed through the radiation belts with associated ACIS CTI measurements.

The B-side SI Safing software patch was uplinked on 12/21 and completes the process of updating the spacecraft software to protect the focal plane Science Instruments from radiation damage in the event of a safing action or high radiation environment.

Preparations were completed for handling Y2K contingencies. The mission load to be uplinked on 12/31 will run for 3 days performing scheduled science observations. If the load completes without the next load being uplinked (e.g., in the event of a ground system problem resulting in loss of communication), a command sequence will execute to maneuver the spacecraft to a safe long term attitude while communication from the ground is restored.

During the next week Chandra will follow this observing schedule:

Alpha-Cen   HRC/LETG   Dec 24 
NGC 1851   HRC/LETG   Dec 25 
PKS 2155-305   HRC/LETG    
Radiation Belts      Dec 26 
NGC 253   ACIS-S  
PSS 0248+1802   ACIS-S    Dec 27 
M31 Transient    ACIS-I  
Sigma Gem   ACIS-S/LETG  
Radiation Belts      Dec 28 
A665    ACIS-I    Dec 29 
3C 220.1   ACIS-S 
M82    ACIS-I 
First J0840+3633  ACIS-S 
NGC 3227   ACIS-S/HETG   Dec 30 
V382 Velorum 1999  ACIS-I 
PKS 0548-322   ACIS-I 
PKS 0521-365   ACIS-S 
NGC 1395   ACIS-I    Dec 31 
Radiation Belts    
A0620-00   ACIS-S    Jan 1 
OMC2--3   ACIS-I 
Q0254-334   ACIS-S    Jan 2 
Q0135-4001   ACIS-S 
NGC 1553   ACIS-S 
Radiation Belts      Jan 3


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