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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 29 September 2000 4.00pm EDT

During last week the observing schedule was replanned to include the gamma ray burster GB000926 which was accepted as a Target Of Opportunity (TOO) on 28 Sept following its detection by the Beppo SAX mission.

This TOO posed an interesting schedule challenge for the team since the three upcoming observations were all coordinated observations with other Observatories. These were YY Gem with XMM, AM Her with EUVE and NGC 3516 with HST. In addition, the LETG had to be manually retracted for the TOO and re-inserted to resume observations. The resulting plan retracted the LETG at 2.30am EDT on 9/29, uplinked new loads during the same pass, and observed the TOO at 12.15pm EDT on 9/29 after exiting the radiation belts. The LETG will be re-inserted at 4.30pm EDT on 9/29 and the observation of YY Gem will be resumed. No other observations were impacted.

The planned observations for the coming week are as follows.

MS 0906.5+1110          ACIS-I       Oct 2  
NGC 1587 GROUP          ACIS-I
AX J0431-0526           ACIS-I       Oct 3  
MACS J0257.1-2325       ACIS-I
MS 0302.7+1658          ACIS-I
A781                    ACIS-I
PG 1115+407             ACIS-I
AX J1227+4421           ACIS-I       Oct 4  
Radiation Belt
Cas A                   HRC-S
PSR J0218+4232          HRC-S        Oct 5  
3C 200                  ACIS-S       Oct 6  
RXJ0821                 ACIS-S
PSR J0437-4715          HRC-S
Radiation Belt
PKS 2005-489            ACIS-I       Oct 7  
CRA Cloud Core          ACIS-I
2MASSJ222554+1958       ACIS-I
A2390                   ACIS-S
B2 0055+30              ACIS-S
4C55.16                 ACIS-S       Oct 8  
HH 1                    ACIS-S
MS 0451.6-0305          ACIS-S


All spacecraft subsystems continued to operate nominally.

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