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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 26 December 2003 9.00am EST

The next report is planned for January 9 following the holiday. A Happy Holiday and New Year to everyone from the entire Chandra Team!

During the last week the observing schedule was replanned to include an observation of the GRB source GRB031220 that was accepted as a 3 day turn-around Target Of Opportunity (TOO) on 22 Dec. Loads were replanned and uplinked on Dec 24 for the observation on Dec 25. Observations of HR 5392, MACS911.2+1746 and Mrk 1210 were impacted by the TOO and will be rescheduled for a later load.

A Chandra image release was issued on Dec 19 that shows new details of the shell of supernova remnant N63A, located in the Large Magellanic Cloud. For details see:

The mission planning team completed work on the 2-week schedule to span the holiday period. The schedule is shown below and includes observations of M74 coordinated with HST and of the Earth.

M87                    ACIS-S       Dec 29
CL0956+4107            ACIS-I
M74 X-1 Obs 2          ACIS-S
NGC6269                ACIS-I
CL0956+4107            ACIS-I
Radiation Belts                     Dec 30
AFGL 618               ACIS-S
R Aqr                  ACIS-S       Dec 31
Rosette Nebula         ACIS-I
Radiation Belts                     Jan 1
SNR1987A               ACIS-S       Jan 2
HIP 42540              ACIS-I       Jan 3
NGC 3982               ACIS-S
4C+55.16               ACIS-S
Radiation Belts                     Jan 4
0853+2324              ACIS-S       Jan 5
RX J0806.3+1527        ACIS-S
IRAS FSC 09539+0857    ACIS-S
RX J0720.4-3125        ACIS-S       Jan 6
Earth                  HRC-I
NGC4697                ACIS-S
ESO269-G012            ACIS-S
RXCJ 1504-0248         ACIS-I
RX J0720.4-3125        ACIS-S       Jan 7
Radiation Belts
BRI0952-0115           ACIS-S
RX J0806.3+1527        ACIS-S       Jan 8
SDS 1444-0123          ACIS-S
Abell 2029             ACIS-S
3C 388                 ACIS-I       Jan 9
Radiation Belts
G63.7+1.1              ACIS-S       Jan 10
NGC1569                ACIS-S
DG Tau AB              ACIS-S
RX J0720.4-3125        ACIS-S       Jan 11


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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