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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 10 July 2009 9.00am EDT

On July 7 the OBC grating "move failed" flag was unexpectedly set following a nominal retraction of the HETG. Initial engineering assessment indicates that the cause was a change in state of the HETG retract limit switch that has been unused since Aug 2000 following anomalous behavior. Since then, grating operations have been conducted using a software patch to avoid using the anomalous switch. Given the new behavior a flight software K-constant patch will be developed to ignore all states of the switch.

Following the anomaly, loads were planned to remove the remaining grating observations for the week. Observations of 4U1724-307, Mkn 421 and SN1987A will be replanned in a later load. There was no impact to science due to the anomaly.

A real-time procedure was completed on Jul 7 to update the on-board ephemeris.

Of note this week is the Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae in the Chandra Era science workshop being held in Boston.

The schedule of targets for the next week is shown below.

PSRJ1622-49            ACIS-I       Jul 10
NGC 6342               ACIS-S
Abel l2276             ACIS-I
4C73.08                ACIS-I       Jul 11
Radiation Belts
SGR0418+5729           HRC-I        Jul 12
MKN 6                  ACIS-S
NGC 4051               ACIS-S       Jul 13
SDSSJ1644+4157         ACIS-S
HD201601               ACIS-I
G1.9+0.3               ACIS-S
Radiation Belts                     Jul 14
1RXSJ212700.3+101108   ACIS-S
XTEJ1701-462           ACIS-S
Terzan 5               ACIS-S       Jul 15
F02021-2103            ACIS-S       Jul 16
NGC 70                 ACIS-I
Mrk 209                ACIS-S
AXJ154905-5420         ACIS-S
Radiation Belts                     Jul 17
Vela PWN               ACIS-S
N49                    ACIS-S       Jul 18
G1.9+0.3               ACIS-S
IGRJ11321-5311         ACIS-I
PNDS1                  ACIS-S       Jul 19
NGC2305                ACIS-S


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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