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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 17 December 2004 7.00am EST

During the last week the observing schedule was replanned to include an observation of BL 0502+675 that was approved as a fast turn-around Target Of Opportunity (TOO) on Dec 13. Loads were replanned and uplinked late on Dec 13 for observing on Dec 14. Observation of SDSS J031950.54-00, cl0318-0302, SDS 1321+0038, MKW8 and E0102-72 were impacted by the TOO and will be rescheduled for a later load.

A real time procedure was completed on Dec 14 to uplink the final flight software patch to allow the HRC event and anti-coincidence shield rates to be used by the radiation monitor process to monitor high radiation events. The patch is designed for use within the radmon process, providing a backup to the EPHIN detector. A second realtime procedure was performed on Dec 14 to measure the performance of the ACIS focal plane temperature set point.

A Chandra press release was issued on Dec 14 describing observations of the supernova remnant 3C58 that show the central pulsar is surrounded by a bright torus of X-ray emission with bi-directional jets extending from the center. For details see:

The schedule of targets for the next week is shown below and includes an observation of NGC 5408 ULX coordinated with the VLA.

NGC 5408 ULX           ACIS-S       Dec 20
NGC 6838 (M71)         ACIS-S
SDSS J172739.03+53     ACIS-S       Dec 21
Radiation Belts
M101                   ACIS-S
SN 2004dj              ACIS-S       Dec 22
IC 310                 ACIS-I       Dec 23
NGC777                 ACIS-I
2PIGGz0.058 J2227.     ACIS-I
Radiation Belts 
M101                   ACIS-S       Dec 24
S4 0929+533            ACIS-S       Dec 25
87GB 0912+4429         ACIS-S
AX J0843.0+5014        ACIS-S
RXJ0859.8+2745         ACIS-S
3C 210                 ACIS-S
SDSS J081507.42+43     ACIS-S
MACS1621.6+3810        ACIS-I
NGC5643                ACIS-S       Dec 26
1WGA J1346.5-6255      ACIS-S
Radiation Belts


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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