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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 12 July 2013 9.00am EDT

During the last week Chandra completed the observing schedule as planned.

An aspect camera dark current calibration was performed from the on-board loads on Jul 10. Assessment of the data indicates nominal aspect camera performance and that the number of CCD warm pixels is increasing at the expected rate.

A Chandra image release was issued on Jul 11 describing an observation of the planetary nebula NGC 2392. A planetary nebula is a phase that results when a star like the sun becomes a red giant and sheds its outer layers. Our Sun will become a planetary nebula about 5 billion years from now. X-rays are produced by superheated gas around the dense, hot core of the star. For details see:

The schedule of targets for the next week is shown below and includes an observation of Swift J174805.3-244637, which is part of an on-going Target of Opportunity monitoring series accepted on 2012 Sep 4.

        M86OuterTail           ACIS-I       Jul 15
        SDSSJ1328+5454         ACIS-S
        PNG034.1-10.5          ACIS-S
        Radiation Belts
        HCG16                  ACIS-S       Jul 16
        LSIV+109               HRC-I
        SwiftJ174805.3-2446    ACIS-S
        HBC722                 ACIS-S       Jul 17
        M86OuterTail           ACIS-I
        BR0351-1034            ACIS-S       Jul 18
        Radiation Belts
        HCG16                  ACIS-S
        M86OuterTail           ACIS-I       Jul 19
        Radiation Belts                     Jul 21
        HCG16                  ACIS-S


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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