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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 19 February 2016 9.00am EST

During the last week Chandra completed the observing schedule as planned.

A Chandra press release was issued on Feb 16 describing observations of a jet from a very distant black hole, called B3 0727+409. The light from this jet was emitted just 2.7 billion light years after the Big Bang when the Universe was only one fifth its current age. Jets in the early Universe such as this one give astronomers a way to probe the growth of black holes at a very early epoch. For details see:

The schedule of targets for the next two weeks is shown below and includes observations of PSR J2032+4127 and Mrk 1018, which were accepted as Director's Discretionary Time Targets of Opportunity on Feb 15 and 18 respectively, an observation of SN2016adj, which was accepted as a Target of Opportunity on Feb 11, an observation of SN2016G, which is a follow-up to a Target of Opportunity accepted on Jan 11, an observation of HD97658, which is a follow-up Director's Discretionary Time Target of Opportunity accepted on Dec 3 and is coordinated with HST, and observations of M82 offset 1 and V Zw 232 Notes 02 coordinated with NuSTAR.

        Radiation Belts                     Feb 23
        Kes79                  ACIS-I
        M87                    ACIS-S
        M82offset1             ACIS-I       Feb 24
        PSRJ2032+4127          ACIS-S
        M87                    ACIS-S
        SN2016adj              ACIS-S
        Mrk1018                ACIS-S       Feb 25
        Radiation Belts
        M87                    ACIS-S       Feb 26
        SHOC486                ACIS-S
        NGC4051                ACIS-S/HETG
        Radiation Belts                     Feb 28
        NGC4051                ACIS-S/HETG
        SN2016G                ACIS-S       Feb 29
        SPT-CLJ0640-5113       ACIS-I
        3CR208.1               ACIS-S
        NGC4051                ACIS-S/HETG  Mar  1
        Radiation Belts                     Mar  2
        NGC4051                ACIS-S/HETG
        SDSSJ084905.43+1114    ACIS-S       Mar  3
        4U0513-40              ACIS-S/HETG
        sigmaOrionis           ACIS-S
        NGC4051                ACIS-S/HETG
        Radiation Belts                     Mar  4
        VZw232Notes02          ACIS-S
        3CR36                  ACIS-S       Mar  5
        HD97658                ACIS-S
        Comacluster            ACIS-I
        CODEX47981             ACIS-I       Mar  6
        4U0513-40              ACIS-S/HETG
        2MASXJ18443076+2204    ACIS-S
        M87                    ACIS-S
        Radiation Belts                     Mar  7


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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