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Galactic Navigation & Coordinate Systems

Galactic Latitude
1. Galactic Latitude
This diagram illustrates how degrees of latitude are measured in the galactic coordinate system. The galactic plane is like the Earth's Equator, and like the Equator, it is at 0o latitude. The Earth is on the galactic plane, so we are at 0o latitude.
(Illustration: CXC)

Field Guide: Measuring Latitude

Galactic Longitude
2. Galactic Longitude
Instead of going from 0o to 180o east and 180o west, galactic coordinates simply go from 0o to 360o. There is no east/west or plus/minus in galactic longitude coordinates. 360o is the same as 2 x 180o, or 180o is half of 360o.
(Illustration: CXC)

Field Guide: Degrees Longitude